about me aky. she/her. 18. filipino. bi. tag/eng are ok ! infp-t.

my print bunnies. caramel flavor. studio ghibli. architecture. 80's-00's anime

my links whi twitter spotify

to know only here bc of my friends & interests. iโ€™m a casual listener to each group. i like and twt wtver

go away if idk u, then fuck off. we have no common interests. idc who u stan, just don't be an asshole

kpop bts. txt. skz. twice. stayc. ive. lsrfm. nwjns.solos bibi. dpr. heize. dvwn. dean.others umi. gracie abrams. boy pablo. the marias. sales. beabadoobee. nbhd. rina sawayama. joji. se so neon.

media studio ghibli. jjk. NeRV. kny. mob psycho 100. arcane. breaking bad. alice in borderland

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